Prof. Gareth Nelson
phone +61 3 8344 0297
fax +61 3 8344 7049

Gareth Nelson, Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne, is retired from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City (Department of Ichthyology, 1967-1998).  He maintains an interest in systematics generally and biogeography.  

Recent Publications

  • 2008.  Nelson, G.  The two Wallaces then and now.  In B. Gardiner, R. Milner, and M. Morris (eds.), Survival of the fittest.  Special Issue No. 9, The Linnean, pp. 25-34.  The Linnean Society of London.syst_biog
  • 2009.  Nelson, G., and P.Y. Ladiges.  Biogeography and the molecular dating game: A futile revival of phenetics? Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France 180(1):39-43.
  • 2009.  Nelson, G.  Dear Carl Linnaeus.  In S. Knapp and Q. Wheeler (eds.), Letters to Linnaeus, pp. 157-161.  The Linnean Society of London, London.
  • 2009.  Nelson, G.  Cladistics.  In R. Milner, Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z, pp. 80-82. University of California Press, Berkeley.
  • 2010.  Ladiges, P.Y., M.J. Bayly, G. Nelson.  East-west continental vicariance in Eucalyptus subgenus Eucalyptus.  In D.M. Williams and S Knapp (eds.), Beyond Cladistics: The Branching of a Paradigm, pp. 267-302.  University of California Press, Berkeley.